Use "ACE" in a Sentence

The Ace Hotel.

A hip boutique hotel that recently opened a location in Downtown Los Angeles thank goodness.

Micah stayed at the New York location there years ago during his tradeshow circuit. He thought it was tiny, expensive, but the coolest hotel he’d ever stayed at. He was hooked. There was a Stumptown inside, as well as original tenants who refused to move when it became a hotel (I wish I was that badass).

Those that founded the hotel chain recreate old spaces that weren’t necessarily hotels into trendy rooms with very specific design elements that make Ace what it is.

And I love it.

I’ve stayed in Seattle’s (we had a certificate from our wedding, thanks Jack & Dane), Downtown Los Angeles for a random staycation, and recently Palm Springs for a post-Canada work trip for me and a celebration of Micah starting a new job.

For some reason, I can think there. My mind literally hyper focuses and I am the most creative I’ve ever been.

And I love being there with Micah. We can talk and get into each other’s minds and discuss and pull apart our ideas and reconstruct them in ways we can’t do anywhere else.

From the poofy, stark white bedding, to the minimalist lines and wall art choices.

Every time we’re at an Ace, I feel relaxed. And it means a lot to say I’m relaxed. I can feel the relaxation in the core of my being while I’m propped up on some pillows or sprawled out on the cloud-like bed. It’s something I’ve never experienced before – so much so that I’m writing about it.

The Ace is a special place to me. The space and views that it creates are kindred to me in ways I may never understand. I think it's very important to seek out places where you can rest your chemistry. Where are places you can escape your mental?