This Coffee Shop is a Michael Jackson Song

There’s this coffee shop I always find myself at in Culver City.

It’s perched next to a pizza place that always smells like Dr. Pepper and a hair salon straight out of the 80s.

It’s literally the antithesis of what you would think about when I say the words “Coffee Shop in LA.” Complete with a paper mache tree, 99 Cent Store trinkets for every holiday hanging from the ceiling, and massive burlap bags full of coffee beans stacked by the door. Looks like a stop on Thomas the Tank Engine.

My honey  Micah , cause he's cute. 

My honey Micah, cause he's cute. 

There are way too many twisted black iron chairs and tables in the breezeway where all the people who avoid the super minimalist coffee shops in LA have grabbed a book and a seat.

Kay, so this is why I like it so much: It’s like listening to “We are the World” on repeat every time I cross the threshold. Everyone is kind and happy, the same barista takes your order (no, they’re not all tall white kids and yes they range from 18-65 years old), make your drink, and ring you up. Everyone there is a regular (this time they range from 0-100 years old), and it’s constantly busy. Oh, and it’s right across from Sony, so if you go in around 10AM all the execs are there on their coffee break and you get to overhear a ton of Sony gossip.

The Sony Mecca across the street. 

My weird drink that they make without blinking an eye. I'm craving it now. Great. 

My weird drink that they make without blinking an eye. I'm craving it now. Great. 

I’ll go here to buy some beans, make new friends, and get to know the business that I literally haven’t seen without at least a 10 person line at any point in the day. They make me the drink that I created without hesitation or confused looks and it’s delicious.

If you’re looking for spectacular coffee, to get in a better mood, or if you really want to know what’s going on inside the mecca/pyramid that is Sony, standing tall in the center of Culver City, look no further than the Conservatory of Coffee. Lovingly dubbed “Conserve” by me and everyone else.