Instagram in Real Life // Editing the Noise

Recently Micah and I were talking about having our Instagram feeds be more simple and creative.

Instead of whatever we were thinking or doing at the moment, we would be more mindful about keeping our feeds cohesive and give them an actual “look.” 

When you scroll through a feed that’s messy, do you get confused? Do you get agitated?

Sometimes I feel that way when I scroll through and take inventory of my life. 

Yes, I did relate Instagram to real life. 

What if my life was just as strategic as my Instagram feed? If I edited, and I cut out the things that were just busy and loud, would I gain clarity?

If you’re in design or creatively inclined, does your art reflect your mood and perhaps your overall life?


So now, I’d like to keep it tight. Editing and picking only the images I believe reflect me at the moment, and thus fit the theme of my feed.

And I’ll do the same for my life, spending time only on that which gives me clarity and taps into the roots of who I really am.