Better Than You

All the brunch. All the cool design. All the hot fash. 

Why is it that we are allured to a life where our daily reality isn't good enough? 

You, yourself, the daily struggle, the daily grind. All of that pales in comparison to this "other" life where nothing of value is elevated and carefree lifestyles are more beautiful than a life of hard work and perseverance.

Ever scroll through the unattainable and feel the chase is real? Feel the gap between how you live and how these beautiful images portray life?

I'm super guilty of this - I'm the biggest daydreamer and tend to create a future life for myself in which I sunbathe all day and eat all the chocolate-covered-anything without any physical consequence. 

What if we beautified the life of work, of purpose, of direction. Not that any one altruistic person or brand or style should dictate what we should all spend our time doing or caring about; but choosing for ourselves - listening to our gifts. 

Create a life of purpose, not a life that glorifies the easy.