Regular & Thrilling

I know, I know, it looks cohesive and beautiful. But why is it better than real life?

I’m talking about filters. We filter everything. We filter ourselves, we filter our cats, we filter nature. I'm super guilty of this. 

Those trees are a little…blue-ish? Shouldn’t they be green?

But the nature one gets me. Because along with all the ways we can pick at ourselves, why do we feel the need to pick on and alter nature?

Go outside. Look at something beautiful. You see it there, with your own eyes. Whip out your camera and take a picture. Look the same? Look just as beautiful as you saw it? Maybe, maybe not. But try posting it without a filter.

Isn’t beauty that’s already in the world enough? Isn't the regular thrilling? Think about it. 

Do we need to somehow make reality different? Do we do this in our everyday lives?

“Put your best foot forward.”

"Fake it till you make it."

We only show that which we think will be acceptable or somehow better to the observer.

Why do we pick one another apart like this? Why do we then let that judgment cover nature?

Be thrilled by the regular today.