The Stranger in My Closet : Becoming Your Own Fashion Icon

I was talking to my BFF Kasandra a couple weeks ago and she had realized something that day about herself that I think a lot of people do (or just us, but don’t lie I know you do too):

She realized that she was dressing to be someone else, and she was tired of it.

She had looked in her closet and realized that she wore the same things over and over and ignored the other clothes that she actually loved.

I feel the same way a lot of the times – I’m dressing for the person I imagine myself to be (which is really not me, it’s someone else I’ve made up) and I lose myself in something as small as what I’m going to wear that day.

yes, this is our album cover. 

If the first decision we make in the morning, aka choosing our outfit, reaches for someone else as opposed to who we are as a unique individual then how will the rest of our day go?

Does that set the tone for the rest of the day’s decisions? Will they be made for someone else without staying true to ourselves?

If we remove our voice first thing in the morning then who’s live are we living?

Having a gut reaction to something is our privilege as humans and makes us who we are. Don’t mask it. Don’t start your day by asking whomever dwells in your head what he/she wants to wear. Wear what you want. Go with your gut. Repeat endlessly throughout your day.