DIY Your Mind, Not Your Apartment

In the spirit of being non-traditional, I’ve decided to dedicate a portion of this blog to DIY. Which sounds like the most traditional blog thing I could do. But it’s not.

Since this is the opposite of a lifestyle blog, this DIY section is really for your mind, not your apartment.

Consider this a how-to for REVAMPING YOUR BRAIN SPACE.

You’re DIY-ing yourself out of non-useful, trip-you-up perspectives or situations. A DIY only you can, well, DY. The nibblets I share here are things that a lot of us think about or go through; I’m simply offering the new vantage for getting yourself out of a certain frame of thinking. And it will be specific to you. It won’t look the same for everyone.

Have you ever been in a bad headspace or situation? Who can change your ideas? No one but you. Your own hands, your own thought process. 

I’ve been in bad places mentally, physically, and emotionally. The only way I could change those situations was rolling up my sleeves and checking myself.

By DIY-ing my mind. And i'm the worst a diy-ing anything. it's hard and requires tedious thought and care. ew.  

These are my collections of lessons and thoughts that I challenge you to absorb. And with them, DIY your mind not your apartment. 

You Don't Have the Life of a Cat

Work to live. Live to work.

Do you ever feel like a victim in your daily life?

You have to work, you have to get food to feed yourself, you have to pay the rent and bills. Ah, to have the life of a cat!

But why do we act like we have to be so unhappy to just live our lives?

We live in one of the most incredible places where we can do pretty much whatever we want, yet we act like we’re held captive to some outside slave-driving force.

What if the work we did was actually a privilege? What if we decided that working and paying for things was a great honor – one that many people are not able to have?

How to make your "Good Old Days," today

I think all of life can be summarized in a quote from the last season of “The Office,” which I’ve recently been re-watching with my husband.

There’s this character, Andy Bernard, who spends most of his time trying to somehow prove himself to his peers. In the last episode he delivers a line that I think the world needs to pay attention to. He says,

“I wish there was a way to know you are in the ‘Good Old Days’ before you’ve actually left them.”

So isn’t it ironic that we spend most of our time worried about the future, somehow convincing ourselves that if we hunker down and grip on tight enough today, we’ll have what we want tomorrow?

In that process, we throw away the “Good Old Days” while we’re in them.

Don’t throw away today waiting for tomorrow.

I practiced this last week by taking advantage of hanging out with two of my best friends since childhood. On a Tuesday morning.

Melissa has a horse and invited us (we are never really free on the same day) last-minute to come ride Aria and hang out. We all leapt on the opportunity and spent several hours together. Joking about the past, existing in the present, preparing ourselves for the future.

But mainly, we were just there for each other. Enjoying the day, making new memories. Clinging on to our “Good Old Days” before, unbeknown to us, they slip away.

These are some of my favorite photos, because yes, my friends are dope. But also because these ladies are some of the toughest people I know. I can see their multifaceted souls in these images, from Becca’s mischievous smile to the ease with which Melissa connects and cares for her little beast. Melissa works as a registered nurse on an oncology floor, Becca has been working in women’s health for years, and is taking the next step to become a registered nurse.

These girls inspire me with their strength everyday, and I’m so glad they’ve put up with me for two decades. Melissa & Becca, thanks for being my "Good Old Days."