Captains of Our Cat Bags

A lot of people will tell you that I kind of just do what I want. What I want to wear or say, or just do in general. 

While I was in college, I was registering for some sort of event online, and I was given an option of a prefix for my name (Mr. Mrs. the usual…) then I came across “Captain.” I quickly envisioned myself on my very own she-boat – a yacht like sailboat that was currently somewhere off the coast of wherever JayZ and Beyonce sail. I quickly clicked “Captain” and continued registering. 

For a couple of years after that, my college would send all mail to me addressed to “Captain Bethany Turner.” I think they caught on recently because they finally removed it from my mailings, and along with it went my love for sailing (not true).

It got me thinking (to the surprise of no one): I could become anyone I wanted and it was as simple as selecting what I wanted or how I wanted to think of myself.

What if we all did that? What if we all thought of ourselves as what we know we could be and would love to be. Would we think about our lives any different?

What if we were like a cat in a bag? As I’m writing, my kitten has been pouncing around a giant Steve Madden bag on my floor for about 10 minutes (I will use a lot of cat imagery in my posts, so buckle up).

What if we approached life like that: what if we were as excited and curious about the actual life that we have (without looking to live out someone else’s life) that we appeared to be a cat in a bag? Curiously flipping around, eyes wide, and chasing after what we think we can be or get in our very own circumstances.

In our very own lives -- not becoming jealous or looking around outside our bag, but creating the world we want inside the bag we currently occupy.

I think we’d all live happier lives. I think we’d all live more fulfilled lives. I think we can all be the captains of our own cat bags.