It's Not Snooping if They're Dead

In Scotland, my husband and I stumbled upon a cemetery. Naturally, I entered and started reading about everyone's lives because I feel as though that's kind of like being nosy, but the person isn't there, so it's not as socially annoying. 

Epitaphs are an interesting phenomena. 

First of all, who writes them? Also, isn't it a terrifying thought: someone else writing about your life in 140 characters or less and it immortalizes you for the rest of the ages (or until your tombstone topples over from the punishing wind)?

Most of these epitaphs told a linear story. Or gave facts about the person - super boring facts at that - unless they had two wives...#scandalous. 

What would you want yours to say? Loving spouse, fantastic pie maker, blah blah we've heard all that. We know all of that. 

What if your epitaph embodied what your everyday life was like? 

Because I'm usually very confusing, let me explain: what if everything you did in your day to day life lived on as an example for the weird, snooping traveler, dusting of your tombstone in search of some inspiration three hundred years after you're gone? 

Talk about legacy. 


Mine shall read this: 

Avid cloud watcher. 

Cat obsesser.

Boundary reducer.

Inclusive friend gatherer. 

Precarious wordsmither -lolz.

Lover of mankind. 

Most of all, she wanted you to be your best - and then share it with others. 

Go and repeat endlessly.