We hate it when our friends become successful?

“We hate it when our friends become successful” –Morrissey

Being in my 20s, it’s a little weird.

It’s this fantastic time where part of your friends are on the track they’ll be on for the rest of their lives, and another part have no clue what they’re doing - literally, with their daily lives - and then some  are having existential crises about what’s next and question what the hell they’re doing or thinking in general.

I don't know about you, but I can relate to all of the above. 

I never used to understand anything that Morrissey ever said, but it was always hysterical listening to him (especially when he sang about “Fatty” being the one for him).

Mainly, he always just sounded like he was yawning. And I loved it.

But as I get older, the reality of most of the lyrics I listened to (and disregarded or didn’t understand as a young buck), is setting in.

this is a cause for concern and a cause to challenge the way I see life and the people around me.

Why do we hate it when our friends become successful? ...In one degree or another.

Why do we compare ourselves to one another as though we are all supposed to live the same life?

I think we all need to find our own success.

What does success actually mean to you? If it’s a job or a type of home, maybe rethink what success means within the realm of your life.

What I’ve found is that it’s embracing the things that money can’t buy, that a dream job can’t fulfill, that a certain amount of respect from your peers won’t quench.

It’s not the easiest realization and it can be painful. it requires daily soul searching, but redefining success let me enjoy my days more, stare into my husband’s eyes a little longer, and released those tension knots in my shoulders.