Becoming the Subject

I bought myself my Canon Rebel in 2008. It was one of my big girl purchases from my tips working at Red Robin. 

It accompanied me everywhere, and I loved watching life happen around me envisioning it through the lens of my camera. 

I noticed the light more. 

I noticed the shadows more. 

I noticed details and the little beautiful side notes the day would offer. 

A little while ago, I stopped tooting that camera (I called him, "Beast") around with me. And I watched my creativity wane. 

When I was contemplating blogging, I realized that using my own content would be really fun. But then the dreaded realization that I would need to feature myself set in, since my brain was the subject of The New Vantage. 

Through a lot of procrastinating, my husband got me to just go outside our apartment and be photographed by him. If you've never done this, I'd encourage it. In this blog I'll talk a lot about finding the things you think are beautiful about yourself (see: #fleshoutbeauty). Nothing brings you more out of your comfort zone than having someone else photograph you, in an outfit you love, in the middle of the street. 

The session below made me more confident and understand more fully the repercussions of what happens when we embrace who we are, and share it.