Caught Off Guard

Have you ever been caught off guard?


Is it because you had a set idea of what would happen and then suddenly it wasn’t happening?

What if you were never caught off guard?

Somehow, though I am the queen of overreacting and getting my hopes up, I wasn’t caught off guard in a new job I started on Monday.

Usually, I’m really good at putting my head in a space where I can “predict” everything: what people will do or say that I’ve never met, what a specific experience will be like that I’ve never had.

Essentially pretending to be Miss Cleo. [Spoler: I'm not]

And you know what happens? I’m super caught off guard when I actually enter said event or situation because everything I planned out in my mind didn’t happen. And I’m left playing catch up when my mind's scenario didn't play out. 

So, what if you were never caught off guard? What if we could somehow shave down the lens through which we view life (or at least how we expect life to be) and drank up the moment?

I think we’d be pleasantly surprised. I think we’d be more open to change and learning. I think maybe we’d be less reactive and more proactive.

Tear off the expectations. Drink up the day.  Don’t get caught off guard.